RHSAAS WEBPAGES ......... and WHY?

You may have been one of those that posted a note on the Rhsaas.org blog wondering about the website. If so, here is its history:

The Corning Painted Post High School Alumni Association developed an alumni website for in 1992. While they developed it, they had occasional contacts from other school alumni from this area that have contacted them asking if they can help connect them to their own schools - mostly from the older schools in Corning that closed when East and West opened.

They suggested placing a site on the Pennynet for all schools in this region to have their own alumni pages. It was their hope and intention that eventually, alumni from each school will take over the design, development and operation of their own alumni pages.

As they located various links for each school, Rhsaas.org has been in the process of linking them right to these pages in the hope you and your former classmates and friends can reconnect as well.

It is intended as a goodwill gesture to all schools in the covered region. Free of charge - a "gift©.

In 2007, Rhsaas.org became independent of Cpphsaa.org [under Dave Conline as Prez] and in 2012, Cpphsaa.org became CpphsaaInc.org [under new management - and incorporated].

In 2014, Rhsaas.org became Rhsaas-Org.net under Marilyn {Ameigh} Moore, Rhsaas-Org Director. The domain name has been changed because the domain registering company changed its system and access to rhsaas.org registration account became inaccessible for unexplainable and complicated reasons.

In April 2014, Rhsaas-Org added many schools [especially closed schools with living alumni] to its listing. The entire Rhsaas-Org needed massive updating and re-structuring. Rhsaas-Org is sorry for any inconvenience or confusion in viewing or locating the new Rhsaas-Org. Rhsaas-Org is also appologic for previously unlisted high schools that existed and closed but still have alumni and were not listed as they should have been from the beginning of Rhsaas-Org.

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